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About Veteran’s for Responsible Leadership

Veterans for Responsible Leadership is a bipartisan Super Pac working to enable and elect principled candidates across the United States.

We’re intent on building and energizing a community of like-minded U.S. veterans and citizens invested in a bright, civil, and integral future of American politics.

The US military and its veterans are non-partisan institutions that continue to hold the trust of American citizens. We are respected by both side of the aisle and can use our measured voice to speak genuinely about the type of leadership our country needs. Our moderate voices change votes and minds, both of veterans, and the citizens supporting us.

By being an anchor in our communities and country, we keep cronyism, corruption, racism, and authoritarianism at bay. We are a legion of veterans standing tall in our own circles and communities where we can—and will—continue to make a difference in the future of American politics.

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